Welcome to Pinnacle

When people with right motive work together the result can be phenomenal; presenting endless opportunities that endures for a long time. Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, has the right people, working environment, motivation and the expertise that has consistently delivered to our numerous stakeholders, bountiful opportunities in the down stream sector of the Nigeria oil and gas industry.

We have raised the bar, through our exceptional services, making the oil and gas business horizons much brighter for the consumers. We have accepted the challenge to redefine petroleum products importation and marketing across Nigeria and now conquering new frontiers. Ours is to ensure quality at the right price.

Our robust capital base and team of dedicated, upward mobile and professional workers, drawn from diverse fields, guarantee us the enviable position we occupy today as a leader in excellent service delivery in the down stream oil and gas sector. Living up to our leadership position in the Nigerian oil and gas sector and offering endless opportunities to all our stakeholders, means a lot to us.


Welcome to a world of endless opportunities!